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Empower Your Assets, Maximize Your Rewards

What is UpOnly Staking?

UpOnly Staking is a cutting-edge service that allows project owners to unlock the full potential of their assets while offering participants a seamless and rewarding staking experience.

Staking Mechanics

1. Project Initiation:

Owners can effortlessly launch a Staking program by specifying the start date, end date, and the Annual Percentage Yield (APY%) for rewarding participants. The designated coin for Staking must align with the Token Address specified in the project.

2. Participant Engagement:

Enthusiastic participants can join the Staking program within the designated timeframe, utilizing the specified token corresponding to the Token Address in the Owner's project.

3. Reward Distribution:

As the Staking period concludes, the system seamlessly distributes rewards to participants, adhering to the predefined conditions.

4. Flexible Reward Claiming:

Staking participants have the flexibility to claim rewards daily or accumulate them for a single withdrawal after the specified period.

5. Easy Withdrawal:

After participants have received their rewards, they can swiftly withdraw their initial investment from the system.

6. Owner Control:

Project owners maintain control; if participant numbers don't reach the maximum or a predefined limit, Owners can efficiently withdraw any remaining unrewarded portion.

Why Choose UpOnly Staking?

Secure and Transparent:

  • Our platform ensures the security of your assets, and the transparent process allows you to monitor and manage your Staking effortlessly.

Maximized Rewards:

  • Owners can maximize the benefits of their projects, while participants enjoy competitive rewards for their active involvement.

User-Friendly Interface:

  • Our intuitive interface makes it easy for both Owners and participants to navigate and engage with the Staking program seamlessly.

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  • Explore Features:

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