Revolve Games

UpOnly Brings Trusted Data to Play-to-Earn Gaming Hub Revolve Games. UpOnly to foster engagement and unlock lucrative yields for GameFi project.

UpOnly is thrilled to announce a new partnership with high-profile blockchain gaming platform Revolve Games to bring trusted data analytics and promote actionable investing for players of the platform. The UpOnly play-to-earn (P2E) data directory will feature an exclusive page to provide gamers and investors with all the data from the Revolve Games ecosystem.

Revolve Games is a unique play-to-earn gaming venture that combines the power of blockchain-based assets with the vast potential of the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. NFT assets used within the game can accrue value through staking rewards. Revolve Games also features an inter-planetary Metaverse that hosts highly valuable virtual economies.

The partnership with UpOnly provides the Revolve Games community with a comprehensive overview of the massive amount of value locked across the diverse sectors of the gaming project. For instance, gamers and spectators can easily identify and act upon data such as current earning possibilities, NFT sales history, staking rewards, weekly leaderboards, and much more. Delivering such high value data on the UpOnly platform will attract new users to Revolve Games and also help players identify the most profitable assets and gaming events within the Revolve Games ecosystem

UpOnly welcomes Revolve Games to our ever-growing list of play-to-earn and blockchain gaming partners. We will continue to support blockchain gaming ventures that commit to promoting transparency and helping gamers earn sizable income from doing what they love.

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