UpOnly Partners with ArcadeNetwork to Enhance Metaverse Data Access. UpOnly taps leading cross-chain bridge to boost transparency in gaming and Metaverse economies

UpOnly is extremely excited to announce a new partnership with ArcadeNetwork to stream high-quality Metaverse data on the UpOnly platform. This partnership strengthens UpOnly’s position as the leading analytics platform for Metaverse projects and also unlocks access to an entirely new field of data.

ArcadeNetwork is a cross-chain bridge solution for securely transferring assets across supported blockchain gaming and Metaverse projects. ArcadeNetwork has secured interoperability partnerships with more than 50 Metaverse games, and is on track to onboard even more projects.

The partnership with UpOnly will see ArcadeNetwork serve as an aggregator that connects games within its ecosystem to the UpOnly Metaverse Directory. These projects will deliver high-quality on-chain data to the UpOnly platform, giving gamers and investors clear insight into the viability of in-game and Metaverse assets.

UpOnly is proud to partner with Arcade.Network to unlock a new field of data for the booming play-to-earn and Metaverse economies. UpOnly will continue to explore and secure further strategic partnerships aimed at improving the quality of data delivered on its premier Metaverse Directory.

ArcadeNetwork to Host Highly-Anticipated UpOnly NFT Sale

UpOnly taps ArcadeNetwork as exclusive partner for upcoming NFT sale

UpOnly and cross-chain bridge solution ArcadeNetwork are thrilled to announce that they are further strengthening their existing partnership through an exclusive NFT listing. The duo previously formed a partnership where ArcadeNetwork would deliver high-quality on-chain data from it’s vast array of connected Metaverse projects to the UpOnly data directory.

UpOnly is pleased to further strengthen their partnership by tapping ArcadeNetwork as the exclusive partner to host its highly-anticipated NFT sale. ArcadeNetwork is underpinned by a robust and cutting-edge infrastructure and they were the natural choice to coordinate the NFT listing and sale.

The UpOnly NFT launch will take place within the next two weeks. The exact date will be announced on ArcadeNetwork’s Twitter Profile. Prospective holders in the limited collection of only 50 pieces will get access to an exclusive newsroom within the media arm of UpOnly. This newsroom will provide premium insights on play-to-earn and Metaverse developments to UpOnly NFT holders. It will also allow holders to communicate with other UpOnly NFT holders and experts in the blockchain gaming field. Such access will give UpOnly NFT holders a distinct advantage in the play-to-earn and Metaverse markets. More NFT utilities and airdrops to be added.

Prospective UpOnly NFT holders can find further information on how to participate in ArcadeNetwork NFT listings through the informational article linked here. UpOnly is setting standards for excellence in the play-to-earn and Metaverse and the launch of this NFT collection will provide further utility to their rapidly growing user base.

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