UpOnly Partners With First Hyper-Casual P2E Game Platform. UpOnly delivers high-quality analytics to millions of WAM gamers

UpOnly is thrilled to announce a new partnership with one of the most widely adopted play-to-earn gaming platforms. WAM is the first hyper-casual gaming platform that offers crypto and NFT rewards. With over 3.5 million users, WAM ranks highly on the list of successful P2E gaming franchises.

UpOnly will integrate a unique analytics page on its platform to supply the WAM community with unique insights regarding ecosystem growth and performance. For instance, developers and gamers can access comprehensive data around the most lucrative gaming options, upcoming tournaments, campaign rewards, user count, and NFT sales.

The new partners anticipate that easy access to such information will boost user engagement, promote investments, and introduce greater transparency to WAM’s fast-growing community. WAM currently supports players through mobile Android & IOS and web interfaces on native browsers like Chrome and Safari.

UpOnly believes that hyper-casual games (video games that are easy-to-play and often feature a very minimalistic interface) will play a significant role in onboarding everyday gamers to the P2E economy. We are delighted to partner with WAM as this aligns with our mission to unlock play-to-earn rewards for anyone with internet access.

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