UpOnly Partners with Play-to-Earn Game Koakuma for Comprehensive Data Analytics. UpOnly to deliver unparalleled data coverage of Koakuma gaming ecosystem

UpOnly is delighted to announce a new partnership with play-to-earn gaming project Koakuma. Koakuma is a highly immersive multiplayer online game that harnesses the power of blockchain to provide gamers with lucrative play-to-earn mechanics. Koakuma’s action role-playing game (ARPG) incorporates unique visuals and an action-packed Metaverse environment.

UpOnly will launch a comprehensive analytics page that covers Koakuma, giving the community one-stop access to actionable data curated throughout the ecosystem. UpOnly users can view key Koakuma metrics such as upcoming tournaments, prize pools, NFT sales, most valuable players (MVPs), Metaverse growth, and many more.

Koakuma anticipates that comprehensive coverage of the game’s economy on UpOnly will boost user engagement as well as attract new investments. Gamers can make more informed decisions regarding the most profitable tournaments based on UpOnly data, while investors can also make calculated bets on which sectors of the Koakuma Metaverse to purchase virtual properties for the best returns.

UpOnly is pleased to support Koakuma’s commitment to data transparency, as well as their goal of growing a highly sustainable play-to-earn economy. UpOnly will continue to define the highest standards for blockchain gaming data coverage, helping onboard the first billion gamers to exciting opportunities unlocked by the play-to-earn model.

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