UpOnly Taps Paragen for All-Inclusive Metaverse Coverage. UpOnly to onboard several cutting-edge Metaverse gaming projects through latest partnership

UpOnly is delighted to announce a new partnership with multi-chain Metaverse incubator and launchpad platform, Paragen. Paragen is a highly esteemed blockchain incubator providing advisory, technical support, and funding to Metaverse, GameFi, and NFT-related startups. Paragen boasts an exotic lineup of early-stage Metaverse projects that will now gain exposure on UpOnly through the latest partnership.

UpOnly will host an exclusive data page that will provide a comprehensive overview of upcoming Metaverse launchpad projects on Paragen. Additionally, UpOnly will massively grow its Metaverse directory by providing all-inclusive coverage of all Metaverse projects listed on Paragen. This new partnership provides UpOnly with access to projects across several gaming niches and also ensures that actionable data on the hottest Metaverse projects is immediately available to UpOnly users.

Paragen’s rigorous screening process for early-stage Metaverse ventures closely aligns with UpOnly’s commitment to deliver a premier directory that covers the best emerging virtual economies. Listed projects will also benefit from instant exposure to UpOnly’s fast-growing community, further attracting new gamers and investors to their ecosystems.

UpOnly is pleased to welcome Paragen as a Metaverse data partner. We remain committed to forming other high-profile strategic partnerships to improve the scope of data served to users on the UpOnly Metaverse directory.

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