Penguin Karts

UpOnly Announces Partnership With Penguin Karts. Dedicated page to host battle-racing P2E game data

UpOnly, the leading platform for play-to-earn and metaverse data is excited to announce its partnership with Penguin Karts. With UpOnly, gamers can unlock earning opportunities in the play-to-earn space and Metaverse by using on-chain data to identify high-yielding game opportunities and improve their gaming experience. This partnership with Penguin Karts expands UpOnlyโ€™s pioneering play-to-earn database and brings greater earning potential for games everywhere.

Penguin Karts stands as a first of its kind battle-racing play-to-earn game that provides an immersive experience for gamers. The game is intuitively designed, easy to pick up, and hard to master. The gameplay is addictive and incorporates entertaining gameplay suited for players of all skill levels. Penguin Karts aims to reinvent the blockchain gaming experience for users of all ages looking to earn crypto. Players can earn rewards through skilled gameplay, wagers, contributions to the ecosystem, and by collecting and trading their playable NFTs.

UpOnly will host a dedicated page with Penguin Karts related data. Users will be able to access entry ticket costs, potential earnings of Penguin Kartsโ€™ players, different in-game NFTs available for sale in Penguin Kartsโ€™ marketplace, top players in the game, and much more.

UpOnly is committed to expanding their database and offering promising gaming opportunities to users. This partnership with Penguin Karts is another giant stride towards achieving that g

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