Roseon Finance

UpOnly Forms Strategic Partnership With Roseon Finance for Lucrative staking opportunities to launch for UpOnly native token $UPO

UpOnly is a premier data resource for play-to-earn gamers and spectators. It is the first project to offer a predictions platform for spectators to cash in on these gaming events. We are excited to announce a collaboration with leading crypto management app Roseon Finance to further accelerate the adoption of the $UPO token which underpins our platform.

Roseon Finance is a widely used DeFi platform that offers investors access to early-stage cryptocurrency projects. The DeFi services aggregator allows early-stage projects to bring lucrative staking opportunities to their communities.

UpOnly is partnering with Roseon Finance to tap into these benefits which will help our native $UPO secure widespread adoption. As part of the collaboration, Roseon Finance will incubate the UpOnly project and introduce the $UPO token to its audience of hundreds of thousands of native crypto users.

We also anticipate that the partnership with Roseon Finance will improve the dynamics of the $UPO token. Following the listing of $UPO, Roseon Finance will launch lucrative rewards for investors who stake $UPO across the fixed and flexible savings products offered on the platform.

The UpOnly team will continue to prioritize partnership opportunities that will increase $UPO’s utility and introduce our offering to new audiences. Our collaboration with Roseon Finance is the first of many such exciting partnerships in the pipeline.

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