Rugged Rats

Solana-Based RuggedRats NFT Collection is Coming to UpOnly! UpOnly will integrate key data from the Solana-based RuggedRats NFT collection into our comprehensive directory

A Solana-based NFT collection with interesting educational imperatives from the team behind the collection, the RuggedRats will be the latest project to have data listed on the UpOnly directory. Premised on a comic book-based narrative, the RuggedRats is lining up to be one of the leading Solana-based NFT collections.

With upcoming Metaverse integrations, the RuggedRats collection will generate vast amounts of data and UpOnly will help NFT users navigate and discern this data. UpOnly will feature key data related to the RuggedRats collection in their directory. Data such as the trading volume of various NFTs will help RuggedRats users determine the valuations of various NFTs within the RuggedRats collection.

This mutually beneficial relationship is lining up to onboard masses of new users into the RuggedRats collection. On top of having enticing Metaverse integrations and educational imperatives, RuggedRats is also underpinned by the low-cost high-throughput network of Solana which provides a favorable transaction environment compared to Ethereum where most NFTs reside.

RuggedRats is the latest in a series of projects that will have their data listed on the UpOnly directory. UpOnly is quickly becoming the one-stop-shop for all data related to Metaverse, play-to-earn, and NFT-based projects.

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