Watch and Earn

UpOnly is the industry's first comprehensive play-to-earn and Metaverse gaming data directory and prediction platform. Powered by $UPO tokens, UpOnly is set to serve the millions of gamers being onboarded into play-to-earn while also unlocking data-driven investments into the blockchain gaming field.

UpOnly gives users access to our prediction platform, an industry-first product that allows users to earn income by predicting the outcome of play-to-earn gaming events.

Users will be able to watch the tournaments LIVE and make prediction bets using $UPO to bet on the winning side. When the tournament resides, the users who predict the winning outcome will receive bets from the opposite side.

Example Betting Scenarios

An example scenario of how the betting odds works, assuming that the total betting pools is :


1000 $UPO

500 $UPO

A user bet for Player-B 100 $UPO. If Player-B wins, then the user will get reward according this formula


If the user bet for Player-A 100 $UPO and Player-A win, then the user will get:

(100/1000)*500 = 50

Users who bet on the losing sides will lose all of $UPO used in betting.

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