UpOnly to Provide Detailed Analytics on Animalia Free-To-Earn Gameplay. UpOnly partners with Animalia who will be displayed on their dashboard and will also have a dedicated analytics page

NFT-powered trading card game Animalia joins the list of exemplary play-to-earn and Metaverse projects that will be listed on the UpOnly data directory upon launch. UpOnly is building the premier data directory for play-to-earn and Metaverse projects and is thrilled to have a project of Animalia’s standard included in the initial product listings.

Powered by BNBChain, Animalia offers a free-to-play gaming environment where gamers can collect in-game collectibles and battle and trade with other players. Animalia is being built by a star-studded team with deep experience in both the blockchain and gaming industries.

As part of the partnership, UpOnly will host Animalia on both its data dashboard and will also provide a unique web page which will provide insightful analytics on Animalia gameplay. Such analytics will encompass data such as top player rankings, rankings of most valuable assets and gemstones within gameplay, and the staking returns for the native $ANIM token.

UpOnly looks forward to providing detailed data to the masses of users awaiting the release of the Animalia gaming environment. UpOnly is also pleased to share developments relating to Animalia with their own community of gamers, helping onboard waves of new users to a cutting-edge gaming option.

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