UpOnly Partners with Arcade Fighting Game Meta Fighter. UpOnly to unlock unique insights and boost earnings for the Meta Fighter community

UpOnly is delighted to announce a new partnership with MetaFighter. MetaFighter is an immersive play-to-earn (P2E) fighting game that brings a decentralized dimension to classic arcade games such as Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, and Soul Calibur. MetaFighter imbibes the exciting and adventurous nature of these arcade classics while delivering an economy for gamers to earn lucrative rewards from their skills.

Under the new partnership, UpOnly will host a unique page on its data directory to provide comprehensive coverage of the MetaFighter economy. While MetaFighter gears up for a mainnet launch in Q4 2022, the UpOnly directory will provide the community with one-stop access to real-time news and data on MetaFighter’s gameplay.

Following the project’s mainnet release, UpOnly will immediately harness the power of on-chain data to deliver key insights such as token distribution, NFT sales, rankings, player statistics, and upcoming tournaments. UpOnly and MetaFighter anticipate that delivering actionable data to the MetaFighters community will facilitate concise decision making and boost overall investment into the ecosystem. The partnership will also foster transparency and help gamers earn the highest returns from doing what they love.

UpOnly is pleased to welcome MetaFighter to the fast-growing list of leading P2E and blockchain gaming ventures delivering on-chain analytics to their respective communities. This latest addition further strengthens our position as the premier directory for the blockchain gaming world.

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