UpOnly to Launch Real-Time Data Coverage for Multi-Chain Game DragonSB. Terra and Binance Chain-based game taps UpOnly to boost engagement and adoption

UpOnly is excited to announce the first multi-chain play-to-earn game to get listed in its premier data directory. DragonSB is a Dragon-themed multiplayer game built with the highly coveted real-time gaming machine Unreal Engine. DragonSB integrates blockchain-based functionalities through Terra Protocol and Binance Chain, making it one of the first multi-chain play-to-earn games in the industry.

UpOnly will now support DragonSB’s rise to prominence by launching real-time data coverage for the in-game economy. UpOnly users will have real-time access to key metrics such as dragon rankings, earnings potential, upcoming competitions, staking rewards, NFT liquidity, and much more. The UpOnly Metaverse Directory will also provide a comprehensive overview of the DragonSB Metaverse, providing users with one-stop access to all the data they need to make informed investment choices.

UpOnly delivers real-time on-chain data in an actionable format, a move that will help DragonSB’s community building and foster the game’s adoption. Additionally, onboarding the first multi-chain gaming project to the UpOnly directory paves the way for new users across the Terra and Binance Chain ecosystem to be well informed on the exciting developments in blockchain gaming.

UpOnly and DragonSB anticipate that the new partnership will benefit their respective communities, as well as contribute immensely to advancing the move to a world where everyone plays to earn. The partnership will also pave the way for more multichain gaming projects to list on the UpOnly data directory.

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