Nakamoto Games

Nakamoto Games Announces Partnership With UpOnly. New partnership unlocks full potential for play-to-earn gaming community

Nakamoto Games is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with play-to-earn data directory and predictions platform UpOnly. UpOnly is building a unique analytics platform for the play-to-earn and blockchain gaming industry, allowing gamers to find relevant data and to earn income by predicting the outcomes of gaming events. Join the UpOnly Community here.

The collaboration with UpOnly will see the platform add Nakamoto Games to its primary data directory, and also track every game that launches within the Nakamoto Games ecosystem. This will provide gamers and other industry participants with real-time insights such as community growth, popular games, upcoming events, prize pools, and other invaluable data that can help them make informed decisions.

Additionally, UpOnly will add games from the Nakamoto Games ecosystem to its sophisticated prediction platform. This feature will allow spectators to leverage the platform’s data to predict the outcomes of gaming events within Nakamoto Games and earn token rewards for correct predictions.

UpOnly will also support upcoming Nakamoto Games initiatives such as the release of the NAKAVERSE. UpOnly’s Metaverse directory will stream data from the NAKAVERSE, giving users a clear view of the best places to visit or invest in for the best returns.

We anticipate that this upcoming integration will expose our budding ecosystem to a new audience of play-to-earn gamers and spectators. It also supports our mission to deliver the industry’s first successful play-to-earn gaming ecosystem, providing our community with real-time and transparent information about the platform’s growth.

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