UpOnly to Integrate NFT Searching Capabilities Through AcknoLedger Partnership. UpOnly further strengthens data directory offering through latest partnership

UpOnly will integrate the latest indexing and search engine technology into its comprehensive data directory for play-to-earn and Metaverse projects. Through a partnership with AcknoLedger, UpOnly will leverage the searching and filtering properties of the AcknoLedger platform.

AcknoLedger provides a cutting-edge infrastructure that allows anyone to easily search and secure data on NFTs from the myriad of Web 3.0 applications and Metaverse environments. The AcknoLedger technology is unmatched in its sphere and UpOnly is thrilled to integrate it’s latest-gen features into its data directory.

This partnership will set the tone to provide vastly more powerful NFT searching capabilities to UpOnly users. UpOnly and AcknoLedger have committed to forming a long-term collaboration, allowing UpOnly to always have up-to-date and intuitive NFT searching capabilities in its platform.

This latest partnership further strengthens UpOnly’s data directory offering and their position in the play-to-earn and Metaverse market. AcknoLedger is on the frontier of innovation in NFT indexing technologies and UpOnly is delighted to partner with such a high-calibre tech product.

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