AMA with Paragen

Paragen : Hello Everyone. Today we have @natthapol2012 @JessieUpOnly from Up Only

Jessie : Hello Guys! How’s everybody doing today? Excited to be here! Thanks for organising the AMA!

Natthapol : Same! Super excited, I’d say let’s roll 🔥

Paragen : Very warm welcome to both of you to Paragen Community for the AMA. We love the project Up Only as the data driven projects are more in demand. Let's explore more about it. To get started, can you introduce yourself to our community and give us a quick view into your crypto background?

Natthapol : Sure. I’m Natthapol, the CEO of UpOnly. Again, It’s my pleasure to be with you guys today to discuss UpOnly’s progress and future. I got an early experience with blockchain while helping several local companies work on integrating blockchain solutions to improve their business processes. This gave me the opportunity to observe first-hand the revolutionary power of blockchain through enterprise-based Ethereum solutions, and also getting involved with the cryptocurrency industry a bit earlier. Interestingly, the crypto space has evolved since then and now covers more diverse fields, including decentralized finance, gaming and Metaverse environments. It’s absolutely my pleasure to be here and helping take this technology to mainstream users.

Paragen : Great introduction @natthapol2012. Let's dive deeper into uponly. Please tell us a little bit about Up Only and your inspiration behind creating it?

Natthapol : The idea for UpOnly was conceived in the past year amid the surge of public interest in play-to-earn and blockchain games. While exploring the space, I identified the lack of quality data about most games in the industry. Apparently, every industry I’ve worked in thrives and attracts investors primarily based on quality data.

Natthapol : Then this made me realize the market opportunity that exists if we could build a first-of-its-kind data directory that serves the purpose. The next step was to explore additional ways for users to create even further value using harnessed data. This led to the conception of the idea for the prediction platform, and ultimately set the tone for the birth and launch of UpOnly.

Jessie : Which means doing Play2Earn and Metaverse related research isn’t easy. It’s hard for newcomers to find quality data. UpOnly solves that. It’s easy for gamers to find data such as entry ticket cost, prize pools, potential returns, amount of players etc. Imagine UpOnly as the CMC for Play2Earn and Metaverse Data!

Jessie : On top of the data analytics platform we’ll launch a prediction platform in phase two. Means users are able to predict (bet) on the outcome of P2E games. That’s a game changer as spectators can then also make money.

Paragen : Yes we all know the concepts of big data, so we are really excited to know which kind of data will be presented on the platform and how it will help consumer and companies. I can see how users can benefit from Uponly data services in coming days 🔥 How do you intend to market Up Only to new users and retain them?

Natthapol : We are committed to bringing the UpOnly solution to the widest possible user base. To accomplish this, we have a heavy focus on marketing and have also partnered with some extraordinary VC companies that can utilize their connections and channels to help us expand our presence. As part of our marketing efforts, we will release exemplary play-to-earn content for our community. We are currently active on several channels including Twitter, TikTok, and Substack.

Natthapol : The UpOnly community can receive sublime play-to-earn content through each of these channels. Through our partnerships with VCs, we will also have influencers analyzing and publishing their assessment of the UPO token. This will radically help us increase the brand awareness of UpOnly.

Paragen : I totally agree with above points. UPO has good great partnerships with influencers and vcs.

Natthapol : We couldn’t be happier, we appreciate all the support, this is exactly how we did vision the partnership.

Jessie : Yes, we onboarded already more than 50 project which join the initial launch of the platform.

Paragen : This means more user base from the start. Which helps to grow UPO in organic ways. 🔥 Kindly share the roadmap and Token metrics of Up Only with our community.

Natthapol : Totally. UpOnly has completed a host of roadmap targets including a largely successful IDO, as well as securing key partnerships with platforms to stream data to the platform upon release. We also have an exciting roadmap ahead for the next few weeks and months. The most prominent of course is the beta platform release expected to rollout this month. This will represent a significant milestone in our roadmap and serve as a springboard for a tremendous growth in terms of user increase and adoption of $UPO. There are also plans for a top-tier exchange listing as well as measures to expand data coverage on the platform. The development of the decentralized UpOnly prediction platform is also another roadmap target scheduled for release as the platform attracts more play-to-earn gamers and spectators.

Natthapol : As @JessieUpOnly mentioned $UPO is a critical component for UpOnly and will be used extensively, especially on the prediction platform where it will serve as the main currency for spectators to wager on the outcome of play-to-earn gaming events. The team has also defined strong tokenomics for $UPO to foster its adoption and sustained market value overtime. In order to bootstrap UpOnly’s development, 35% of the total token supply is dedicated to funding efforts, with reasonable lockup periods for both investors and other loyal holders. A significant portion of the token supply, up to 45% is dedicated towards ecosystem and community-related efforts, including Game and Earn rewards, bug bounties, marketing campaigns, and so on. You can find out more about our sublime tokenomics on this page:

Paragen : UPONLY is already of fire and got great potential. I mean Tier 1 exchange listing, prediction platform and partnership with 50 projects already are big milestones achieved before tge. Impressive!!!

Jessie : Adding here that the $UPO token is deflationary, if projects want to unlock the full features on the B2B business side they have to stake $UPO which will then be burned by us.

Paragen : This literally translates into bringing more value in terms of lower supply and higher dollar price 😍😍 Our community is getting more hyped about UPONLY right now.

Jessie : That’s correct. The more projects joining the more UPO will be burned and the less UPO will be circulating.

Paragen : Thank you for giving us detailed explanations. @natthapol2012 @JessieUpOnly let's move to our last question for segment 1 and after this we will take questions from the community 😀 Will there be staking for Up Only tokens, will it be locked in for different durations and APYs?

Jessie : Will there be staking for Up Only tokens, will it be locked in for different durations and APYs? Native and third party staking. Two different kind of staking options.

Natthapol : Exactly, Jessie was first 🙂 And APYs will be pretty juicy, please stay tuned for more

Jessie : Overtime we’ll increase the utility for the $UPO token, that’s just the start. With the growth of our eco-system the demand for $UPO increases with increasing use-cases.

Paragen : Thank you @natthapol2012 for joining us for the AMA today and we have learned alot bout the project. We wish you all the luck for smooth launch and listing.

Natthapol : Thank you so much! and hope to see you at UpOnly! Thank you 🙏

Jessie : Thank You so much. It’s been a great AMA tonight!

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