AMA with VenusQueen

VenusQueen : Hello and welcome back to Venus family @JessieUpOnly @natthapol2012. It is a pleasure having you here with us today. Looking forward to catching up with the latest updates and exciting news from UpOnly.

Natthapol : Hello, thanks for having us today

Jessie : Thanks for organising today’s AMA. Pleasure to be here.

VenusQueen : Just to start off and refresh our memory, can you tell us about UpOnly and what problem is it trying to solve in this space?

Natthapol : Absolutely! The UpOnly is created to be a one-stop solution for gamers, newcomers and investors seeking insightful data about play-to-earn blockchain games, as well as Metaverse projects.

Jessie : UpOnly works by tapping into a centralized database architecture to collect in-depth data on P2E games. UpOnly seeks to become the trusted data source for P2E games, just like how CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko are leading data aggregators in the crypto market.

Natthapol : With big volume of p2e and metaverse projects entering the space everyday, it's challenging to keep track. With UpOnly, you will find all the data from across top p2e and metaverse projects presented in a way that allows you to make profitable investment decisions.

VenusQueen : CoinMarketCap often has problems with data (people becoming fake millioners haha), What are doing so that problem doesn't happen to you?

Natthapol : We verify data from project end and users will be able to feedback as well. Accuracy of data is our priority. We call it a 'contribute-to-earn' concept.

VenusQueen : Awesome! Great use case and much needed in the P2E and Metaverse space. Can you share with us some of the exciting partnerships that took place since our last encounter here?

Natthapol : We are partnering with over 50 p2e and metaverse projects! Arcadenetwork, Nakamoto Games, Koakuma, ChainMyth etc are the latest ones. You will find full list here.

VenusQueen : Are you going to focus only on providing accurate p2e/metaverse data or we can expect even some games from you?

Natthapol : Streaming data only. We have features on our site like presenting data, predictions features and voting system. Voting system will be ready in phase 1.

VenusQueen : How will you manage so many input data from so many different sources and chains?

Jessie : Projects do connect via API or we screen their on-chain data / contract. It’s basically very simple to get the data, the conversion into easy to digest and readable information for retailer is then key to success.

Natthapol : We have 'list with us' function for project owner side with verification process and data will be connected with API. So it's static and API. Project owners will be able to update their information conveniently as well so the users will get the latest updates.

VenusQueen : So I guess that conversion into reliable data is your secret sauce recipe? 😁

Natthapol : Absolutely!

Jessie : Yes, people will find data such as entry ticket costs, potential earnings, player amount, frequency of games etc.

VenusQueen : Platform in April will be Data platform not prediction(betting) platform right, betting platform will be seperate from Data or?

Natthapol : Predictions will be introduced after. We will have voting part introduced first.

Jessie : That makes UPO the Google/CoinMarketCap of crypto games, that sounds exciting ! We’ll roll-out the prediction part in phase two.

VenusQueen : Can we see some sneak peak of the platform maybe, please?

Jessie : This is the sneak peak of the platform. Full attention on UI/UX.

VenusQueen : Tell us a bit more about predictions. What can/will be predicted and how do you plan to "gamify" the predictions?

Natthapol : This feature will give a growing number of play-to-earn spectators the opportunity to predict the outcome of gaming events and make money with accurate prediction. Another option for spectators to enjoy the games without playing. $UPO will be used to wager on the outcome of events on the prediction platform and will also be the payout currency. Like for me, I'm a gamer but I'm not good at all games! So I can learn about game play, stats and have fun predicting the outcome of the games.

Jessie : UpOnly seeks to launch a decentralized infrastructure that allows members to speculate on the outcome of P2E games. By doing so, UpOnly will help make spectating a viable and reliable source of income. UpOnly’s native token, UPO, will be at the center of the speculation platform. Spectators that want to predict the outcomes of P2E games must hold this token. This platform will work like betting sites, where members will need to stake some of their UPO to bet on a game. Should the stars align in their favor, they will get more tokens. If not, they will lose the staked tokens.

Natthapol : However, we will introduce voting structure fist where users can feedback on different aspects of a project like quality of roadmap, tokenomics, description. Super exciting feature. It's built for a community!

VenusQueen : On what games betting will be possible, only on project with whom you have partnership, right?

Jessie : Our infrastructure is based on Augur and to be applied on any game. Participants can set their own predictions, as long as someone else is joining bets can be made and earning realised. For example, you can formulate the prediction about the winner of the NAKA Strike Tournament, you can offer the selection of players and others can join the bet. Everybody joining needs to put in UPO to participate, all UPO placed for the bet become the prize pool. The prize pool goes to the participant/participants who predicted the outcome right.

VenusQueen : Let's talk a bit about the token and the tokenomics. If people can earn more of it "freely" for betting, won't its value decrease over time? Is there a burn or buyback mechanism planned to make the supply more scarce and the token more sought ?

Natthapol : Yes, project owners have to use $UPO to unlock analytical features of the platform such as to see voting analytics and marketing. Users also need to stake $UPO to increase their weight in voting mechanism.

Jessie : Our economics addressing a B2B model, projects who want to be hosted on our platform can join for free but to use the full range of tools, for example the live streaming tool for news, projects need to acquire UPO off the exchange and we’ll burn these UPO! That means, the more projects joining the more UPO are burned and the less UPO are circulating.

VenusQueen : What is the long term plans on onboarding projects on $UPO platform and any specific numbers you have in mind for this year?

Natthapol : We focus on quality as well as quantity. We acquire partnership with projects that are launching soon or live already so the users have access to ongoing projects.

VenusQueen : Awesome. Please give us little bit of an idea about Roadmap. What’s coming after listing ?

Jessie : For the initial launch we onboarded over 50 projects.

Natthapol : Platform, voting system then predictions feature

VenusQueen : can you describe a bit your experience in the crypto realm, what makes you uniquely suited to take this project to incredible heights?

Jessie : We’re working closely with Nakamoto Games and we’re sharing resources. Nakamoto Games proofed to be able to built on-chain apps. NAKA ships daily and we’ll do the same.

Natthapol : I have experience in business, marketing, and blockchain technology. We have a full team of analysts, blockchain specialists, crypto researchers, designers and developers.

VenusQueen : Very impressive. $Naka is an amazing team

Jessie : Very impressive. $Naka is an amazing team. All tech resources are the same on both projects.

VenusQueen : Thats great, how big is the dev team working on UPO product?

Jessie : The whole Nakamoto Games team grew to unbelievable 100 people over the past six months. We have about 20 dedicated to UpOnly.

VenusQueen : Wow, impressive!

Jessie : Yes, that’s insane. In August 2021 15 people worked at NAKA! Now it’s over 100 :-). That’s the reason for the constant development. To summarise it, we’re very well prepared to ship great things.

VenusQueen : Any new additions to the UpOnly team since our last encounter?

Jessie : We mainly hired blockchain developer to increase capacities on the backend work. UI/UX and the different level management resources are great.

Natthapol : Yes as we focus on the fundamentals, data and project integration.

VenusQueen : Are there any plan to expand the concept outside of gaming? I mean using the platform for realworld betting on football or baseball leagues?

Jessie : We’re very much focused on P2E and metaverse, we believe that P2E and metaverse just scratched the surface of potential. First we’ll build out that and then we’ll move on and expand.

Natthapol : We will expand categories considering the market needs. Our project is created to support newcomers with easiness to use and organized data. So we aim to help the industry in terms of lowering barriers to entry and educate newbies.

VenusQueen : Makes sense, I like the way you are focused on specific categories.... Well thought!

Jessie : Yes, our whole venture is focused on P2E and metaverse. We just partnered today with Outlanders, also a release which is shaped by our venture arm together with Nakamoto Games.

VenusQueen : Yah, Meta is going to explode over next year or 2 and having a product perfected by then will gave you a leg up against any other project in market.

Natthapol : Let me emphasize also that partnering with projects means we are the bridge between end users and projects too. So users will benefit from having latest updates. They can submit request to gain information etc

Jessie : We’ll become what CMC and CG is for coin prices for P2E and Metaverse!

Natthapol : I think VQ channel knows very well about the power of community and importance of engaging channel. That's what we are building. A data-driven, user-fueled platform.

VenusQueen : totally, thats the most important part in crypto space.

Jessie : So true! Exciting times ahead, next week our token launch and then the platform Mainnet! By the way, staking will be available from day one!

VenusQueen : Wow! You guys are awesome - so much coming in April for UpOnly

Jessie : Plus the market sentiment is positive. So everything is ready for action.

VenusQueen : Absolutely! We are expecting great things from UpOnly and I’m sure that the listing next week will be an impressive one! Well guys, thank you so much for taking the time with us this morning and sharing so much about UpOnly! It's abundantly clear UpOnly will prove to be an incredible first mover in the space and to say I'm excited would be putting it INCREDIBLY mildly!

Natthapol : Thank you for having us today! Always great to be here

Jessie : Always great to be here. It’s been fun and entertaining as usual. It’s been fun and entertaining as usual.

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