UpOnly and MetaGods to Deliver Sublime Play-to-earn Gaming Data. UpOnly enables active engagement and data-driven investments into MetaGods ecosystem

UpOnly, the premier data directory for play-to-earn gaming, is excited to announce a new partnership with MetaGods. MetaGods is an action-based multiplayer online game where users earn NFT rewards for combating enemies and conquering new territories.

Under the new partnership, UpOnly will launch a dedicated data page to provide comprehensive coverage of all MetaGods related analytics. For instance, users can easily access information regarding NFT mint and marketplace sales, upcoming events, potential earnings, and much more. Having access to such quality data as well as exposure to UpOnly’s audience will help the MetaGods community grow and help the project achieve its goals.

The UpOnly platform is part of a paradigm shift in data coverage on play-to-earn and blockchain games. UpOnly focuses on providing highly actionable data to users, a move that helps projects foster transparency and attract new gamers and investors.

UpOnly is pleased to onboard MetaGods as its latest partner, adding to the quickly expanding volume of available data on the platform. We will continue to explore future partnerships that strengthen our position as the leading platform for all play-to-earn and Metaverse gaming related data.

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