📈UPO Staking

UpOnly, the fastest-growing play-to-earn data directory and predictions platform, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of its native staking platform. $UPO token holders can now reap high-yielding passive income and grow their digital assets by locking $UPO over a period of 30-90 days. Stake now!

The decision to launch native staking capabilities is in line with this vision. Users can stake their coins from April 7, 2022 UTC and stand to earn lucrative annual percentage rates (APR) between 15-25%, depending on their staking periods. There are no deposit thresholds. As such, $UPO holders can stake as low as 1 $UPO.

The first rewards and staking periods are as follows:

  • 30 days → 15% APR (April 16, 2022 UTC - to May 16, 2022 UTC)

  • 60 days → 20% APR (April 16, 2022 UTC - to June 15, 2022 UTC)

  • 90 days → 25% APR (April 16, 2022 UTC - to July 15, 2022 UTC)

Staking window will close on April 15, 2022 UTC so be sure to stake it before the window closes

How to stake on UpOnly Mainnet

  1. Connect your Web3 wallet to the app and the e-mail registration form will trigger

  2. After completing registration, you'll be met with the UPO staking platform right away. Here is an explanation of the user interface.

To stake, follow these steps:

  1. Pick the duration of the staking :

    • 30 days for 15% APR

    • 60 days for 20% APR

    • 90 days for 25% APR

  2. Input the number of $UPO you wish to stake, you can stake as low as 1 $UPO or all the $UPO you have.

  3. Check the estimated interest to make sure that the total $UPO is to your liking.

  4. Check the pool start date and staking end to make sure when the staking pool will start.

  5. Check the terms & condition box and hit approve.

Once you hit submit, your Web3 wallet should do two things

  1. Approving the staking contract

  2. Executing commands to start staking

If you hit submit and the transaction doesn't go through or shows failure, it may be caused by gas wars within the polygon chain. To avoid transaction failure, do the following:

Typically, gas wars will happen at lower GWEI, if you want to make your transaction go faster or doesn't fail, you can increase the GWEI to increase the likelihood that your transaction will be picked up by the miners faster. In some instances, GWEI can go up to 100+.

Once you have completed both your approving and staking commands, refresh your page and go to "My Locked" section. It will show your staking profiles along with the respective APR%, start date and end date and your cumulative interest.

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