UpOnly Welcomes Mones to Premier Play-to-earn Data Directory. UpOnly to provide extensive coverage of next-gen RPG game built on Avalanche

UpOnly is continuing to aggressively expand its coverage of the play-to-earn and Metaverse gaming ecosystem. Today, we are delighted to announce a new partnership with Avalanche-based play-to-earn game Mones.

Mones is a next-generation fighting game with superior design and a strong player-driven economy. Mones is particularly designed to appeal to loyal gamers with its highly immersive and addictive gaming environment and social features. The new partnership will see UpOnly support Mones growth by integrating an exclusive analytics page to display the latest on-chain data from the gaming ecosystem.

UpOnly will deliver highly actionable insights covering user growth, NFT sales, transaction volume, in-game character ratings, as well as upcoming community events. Additionally, UpOnly’s media team will launch full coverage of the Mones ecosystem, providing users with one-stop access to the latest developments. Having access to such market-moving information can help investors react promptly to both bullish and bearish news trends.

Ahead of the largely anticipated launch, UpOnly will continue to expand its coverage of the play-to-earn gaming world with key partnerships from leading projects across several networks. UpOnly welcomes the Mones community and reiterates a commitment to deliver high-quality data that supports actionable investing and gaming.

UpOnly is deeply excited to support an extremely disruptive project such as Mones. We anticipate rapid growth among its community and user base in the coming months. To stay up to date with updates regarding the Mones game, you can subscribe to any of their social media channels below.




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