UpOnly Partners with Disruptive Move-to-Earn Project FitEvo. UpOnly to provide comprehensive coverage on move-to-earn disruptor FitEvo.

UpOnly is thrilled to announce that we are partnering with disruptive move-to-earn project FitEvo. This partnership represents UpOnly’s commitment to providing coverage and analytics on the most important move-to-earn projects.

FitEvo is an innovative GameFi application that is among the first to integrate move-to-earn capabilities without the need for any physical hardware accessory. FitEvo allows gamers to tap into lucrative earning rewards for their movements by using sophisticated technology in the fields of GPS, signal connection detective, and broader health data. UpOnly will list FitEvo on their data dashboard while also having a dedicated web page where users can access more nuanced data on the FitEvo game.

In addition to such move-to-earn possibilities, FitEvo integrates NFT technology and allows users to tap into earning opportunities in a multiplayer mode which further drives the move towards health-based activities among user’s family and friends circle. UpOnly recognizes the vast potential of FitEvo and sees it becoming a widely adopted project that drives fitness-related activities beyond a sole gamer.

UpOnly is committed to becoming the one-stop shop for your move-to-earn needs and analytics. Providing insightful and actionable analytics on an exemplary project like FitEvo is a major step towards serving the data needs of the broader move-to-earn community. Expect many more move-to-earn projects to be listed in the near future!

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