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The play-to-earn and Metaverse industries are growing at an unprecedented pace. There are countless new gaming and Metaverse applications, gaming startups raising funding, traditional gaming companies getting involved, and existing market leaders doubling down on their ventures in the industry. It is becoming almost impossible for investors to keep track of all the exciting developments across play-to-earn, depriving them of the required knowledge to make profitable investment decisions.

Introducing UpOnly | Research

In line with our mission to deliver comprehensive coverage of the play-to-earn and Metaverse landscape, the UpOnly | Research weekly newsletter will curate and deliver insights on the industry's latest developments. Additionally, the newsletter will include periodic updates from UpOnly, keeping users in the loop around our recent milestones and upcoming events. UpOnly | Research will also educate uninitiated users to the wonders of play-to-earn and the Metaverse, as these industries can be intimidating initially.

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