Void Games

Void Games Joins List of UpOnly Play-to-Earn Data Contributors. NFT-based multiplayer game VOID will contribute key on-chain data to the UpOnly directory

Multiplayer play-to-earn game VOID is joining the growing list of contributors to the UpOnly data directory. UpOnly is building the premier data resource for play-to-earn gamers worldwide and VOID is the latest contributor to commit to streaming their on-chain data to the platform.

VOID is an multiplayer action-focused game where every asset within the gaming environment is underpinned by an NFT. VOID is setting up to generate huge amounts of on-chain data after it’s upcoming launch and will use technology such as the Solana blockchain and the Serum exchange to facilitate seamless gameplay and asset trading.

All of the on-chain data generated in the VOID gaming environment will be streamed to the UpOnly data directory where VOID will appear on both the dashboard and it’s own dedicated web page. UpOnly users will be able to source invaluable data such as trading volume and interest in the hottest VOID in-game assets.

Both UpOnly and VOID are pushing forward the state of the play-to-earn industry and we are thrilled to have VOID as an early data contributor to the project. VOID joins other high-profile play-to-earn projects such as Nakamoto Games and Continuum World as a data contributor.

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