Duckie Land

UpOnly to Feature Actionable Data from Duckie Land. UpOnly partnership to boost play-to-earn rewards for NFT game’s community

Leading play-to-earn data directory UpOnly is pleased to announce a new partnership with NFT-based game Duckie Land. UpOnly will integrate on-chain data analytics from Duckie Land, providing gamers on the platform with actionable insights into the ecosystem’s development.

Duckie Land is an epic duck-filled gaming and METAVERSE project. Players invest in breeding ducks, which can then be used in player-vs-player (PVP) and player-vs-environment (PVE) battles to earn lucrative rewards. In Duckie Land, players can also buy and rent land as NFTs and build simulated in-game economies.

UpOnly will now provide a unique analytics page on its platform for the Duckie Land gaming community to track the project’s development and other key metrics. Users can review data such as NFT trading volume, active players, upcoming events, and rankings for the most valuable duckies in the ecosystem.

The integration with UpOnly will promote increased adoption of the Duckie Land game and allow gamers to easily discover the best strategies to maximize their play-to-earn rewards. UpOnly is delighted to continue supplying actionable on-chain data to a growing community of gamers earning income from exciting play-to-earn gaming ventures like Duckie Land.

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