Research # 2 : Blockchain Gamers Ready to Quit Regular Jobs for Play-to-Earn Opportunities

UpOnly | Research #2: Survey respondents eye up play-to-earn opportunities while HSBC makes Metaverse moves

How much money would you earn in a game to consider it enough to quit your full-time job? The figure may run into several thousand dollars for some. However, this is not the case for the 32% of respondents in a recent survey. These respondents admitted they’d gladly quit their regular jobs to embrace full-time play-to-earn opportunities.

This week’s UpOnly | Research newsletter reviews unique insights from a recent Balthazar game survey as well as HSBC’s surprising move to acquire land in the Metaverse. Animoca Brands is also shuttering a once successful play-to-earn title, raising questions about the sustainability of intertwined gaming ecosystems.

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