Bit Hotel

UpOnly Partners with Gaming Hub Bit Hotel to Provide Exceptional Data Coverage. UpOnly to deliver robust real-time data for booming P2E gaming ecosystem Bit Hotel

UpOnly is thrilled to announce it has partnered with revolutionary play-to-earn gaming hub Bit Hotel. Bit Hotel is a social blockchain gaming metaverse where players collect and play with characters, rooms, and other artefacts in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT). Bit Hotel has one of the most diverse and fast-growing gaming communities. Members of the Bit Hotel community socialize and compete to earn lucrative rewards.

The new partnership will see UpOnly establish an exclusive page on its analytics platform to display actionable insights about the Bit Hotel ecosystem. UpOnly users can explore collections of NFTs for sale on Bit Hotel, review Bit Hotel tournament details, community growth, staking statistics, and lots more. UpOnly delivers such high-value information in a clear and easily digestible format for gamers of all experience levels to make sound investment decisions.

Bit Hotel joins an illustrious list of play-to-earn and blockchain gaming projects delivering data through UpOnly. Through these connections, UpOnly enhances its position as a reliable data analytics partner, especially for gaming projects that want to deliver the complete P2E gaming experience to their audience.

UpOnly warmly welcomes the Bit Hotel community and supports their mission to onboard the next generation of blockchain gamers into the P2E economy. Meanwhile, UpOnly will continue to set the highest standards for delivering high-quality and actionable data for the blockchain gaming industry.

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