OIG Group

UpOnly Secures Strategic Investment from OIG Group. Elite VC company deploys resources to bolster emerging play-to-earn project
Disruptive play-to-earn project, ​UpOnly is proud to announce that it has partnered with leading venture capital firm ​Oracles Investment Group (OIG). OIG has invested in UpOnly’s angel round and will offer advanced incubation support to help the project realize its full market potential.
UpOnly is developing a first-of-its-kind data directory that will provide investors with insight into the exciting world of play-to-earn blockchain games and the emerging Metaverse that is being built on top of decentralized protocols. This offering is augmented by a decentralized prediction platform that gives anyone the chance to make money by accurately predicting the outcome of play-to-earn gaming events.
OIG Group is a coordinated team of global investors with a track record of conducting rigorous fundamental analysis and due diligence for projects in its portfolio. The team recognizes UpOnly’s true market value in the fast-growing play-to-earn economy and has deployed resources to tap into its future success.
Under the new partnership, OIG Group will utilize its higher-level connections within the cryptocurrency space to provide UpOnly with strategic marketing, community growth, and technical support. OIG Group joins a growing list of high-profile venture capital firms contributing to advance UpOnly’s mission to become the leading analytics and prediction platform for play-to-earn games.
Last modified 1yr ago