The Three Kingdoms

UpOnly to Host Data For Ancient Classic Chinese Game The Three Kingdoms. UpOnly to boost P2E rewards and unlock new insights for TTK gamers

Leading play-to-earn analytics platform UpOnly is delighted to announce a new partnership for The Three Kingdoms (TTK). TTK is the first play-to-earn METAVERSE and NFT project to feature the Ancient Chinese Classic β€œThe Three Kingdoms.” Players compete to build the best kingdoms, battling enemies to conquer new territories and can possess unique land parcels within the ecosystem which will be underpinned by NFT technology.

UpOnly will now host a unique analytics page for TTK and will also add support for TTK within the UpOnly Metaverse directory. These integrations provide the TTK community with insights such as upcoming events, NFT auctions, trading volume, community growth, game profitability, and lots more.

UpOnly presents on-chain data in a comprehensive and actionable format that will allow all gamers to expose themselves to the most profitable economies within The Three Kingdoms. The partners anticipate that doing so will boost an already highly lucrative experience for TTK gamers and also attract a new crop of loyal users to the UpOnly platform

Meanwhile, The Three Kingdoms has become the latest high-profile gaming project to partner with UpOnly to unlock data-driven decision making for its gaming community. UpOnly reiterates its commitment to setting the highest standards for providing high-quality and actionable data for the play-to-earn gaming space.

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