Diverse Data from Outlanders Environment to Be Integrated Into UpOnly. UpOnly to host a dedicated analytics page and data for Outlanders gaming environment

UpOnly is thrilled to partner with an extremely exciting upcoming gaming release. Data from the upcoming Outlanders free-to-play gaming release will be integrated into the UpOnly data directory and we will further host a dedicated analytics page which will provide coverage of the rich gaming environment within Outlanders.

Outlanders is an upcoming BNBChain-based game that is among the first to implement a free-to-earn model for an extensive Metaverse environment. Anyone can immerse themselves in the Outlanders gaming environment and immediately start earning, regardless of Web3 or blockchain-related experience.

Outlanders players immerse themselves anywhere in the rich gaming environment and can start earning crypto assets by defeating in-game monsters, battling fellow competitors, and completing conquests within the massive multiplayer online role play game (MMORPG). Every monster and competitor defeated leads to a unique crypto asset drop which can be later sold for the native $LAND token when players connect their Web3 wallet if they wish to do so.

UpOnly is looking forward to hosting diverse data from the Outlanders environment which can help players optimize their performance within the environment. UpOnly will host data such as top players, most lucrative assets, most lucrative regions within the game, and the most profitable monster types to target.

With the UpOnly data directory product rapidly approaching launch, the addition of another top-tier gaming project like Outlanders will lead to an even more robust directory. UpOnly is radically changing the way that play-to-earn gamers optimize their performance and future Outlanders players can now count themselves among this community.

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