MH Ventures

UpOnly Secures Strategic Investment from MH Ventures. MH Ventures provides funding and massive exposure to play-to-earn disruptor UpOnly

UpOnly is thrilled to announce that it has received a strategic investment from MH Ventures. MH Ventures is a community-focused venture capital company that holds long-term positions in a portfolio of disruptive blockchain-based projects.

UpOnly is developing the industry’s first data directory for play-to-earn games. The data analytics product is accompanied by a decentralized infrastructure that will allow spectators to earn rewards for predicting the outcome of play-to-earn games. $UPO token underpins UpOnly’s offering and will be a critical component of future product launches.

Our strategic partnership with MH Ventures aligns with UpOnly’s mission to introduce its products and tokens to a wide range of crypto-natives. MH Ventures boasts a wide network of influencers and platforms with more than a million active followers. A significant share of these followers will likely be onboarded to the UpOnly platform.

UpOnly will become the premier data platform for anyone looking for concise and actionable insights about blockchain play-to-earn games. UpOnly’s first mover advantage is likely to make it a key player as the industry continues on the path to onboarding its first billion users.

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