Metaverse Directory

Official $UPO Metaverse Directory document : click here
The UpOnly metaverse directory is a reliable one-stop solution for finding all metaverse data. It delivers a perfect overview of all the metaverses that exist and the scope of the ecosystem built around each of them.
For each Metaverse, users can view all digital land purchases, land and goods that are available for sale, the level of liquidity, users, interactions, and developers who are building infrastructure within the space.
Users can get real-time insights into Metaverse data in a very simple way through UpOnly. This rare overview enables them to make confident decisions regarding metaverse actions and purchases.
Users will have access to the history of land parcels, available digital goods, liquidity levels, transaction volume, and ownership transfer. With such information, even new investors can make confident decisions about the best Metaverse project to invest in.
Being a first mover means that UpOnly has the potential to become a key player in the blockchain gaming and Metaverse space, filling in a crucial role as the industry continues on the path to onboard its first one billion users.