Database Directory

Introducing the database directory specifically for Play-to-Earn, Move-to-Earn, and Metaverse - app.uponly.com
Gamers and users will visit UpOnly to get all data about their requested P2E project to take a confident decision about their gaming choice. UpOnly will also be a space for users to share their insights, similar to how Reddit works. UpOnly will feature a two-way communication data directory, allowing users to engage in the platform with features like predictions, voting and contribute-to-earn.
Unlike other data directories, UpOnly will host data analytics specifically for Play-to-Earn, Move-to-Earn, and Metaverse. Currently it’s very hard for newcomers to get an overview of the P2E and Metaverse scene. It will become easy with UpOnly. UpOnly is an entire ecosystem that has features like watch and earn, vote to earn, comment to earn, buy services or game's items all within one place.